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The modern customer: THE WORLD OF ME

The world of me  customer is curious.

He is constantly online in order not to miss any trend which influencer, friends from his environment, or the brands of his trust have tracked down or occupied.

The world of me customer is social.

He makes a claim to individuality. Nevertheless, he would like to show them in the appropriate “community”, live them out, find confirmation and further inspiration. Likes and followers are important instruments of self-affirmation and identification in the online community.

The world of me customer is creative.

The high reputation of start-ups, the democratization of the internet with YouTube stars and the beautiful lives of self-made influencers have shown that everyone can be actively creative and impress others with a targeted mixture of their own ideas and their interpretation of lifestyle. He transfers this external image to himself

The world of me customer lives a healthy life.

Whether fitness, cosmetics, clothing or nutrition: the value resonates in almost every purchase decision and is linked in a modified form to environmental friendliness, for example when purchasing electronics (conservation of resources).

The world of me customer wants to be treated as a VIP.

Flying with Business Class at the same price; being on the guest list while others have to pay or receiving the limited promotional package with two extra features at the same price − many people appreciate receiving better or more exclusive services than others.

The world of me customer is busy.

If it is possible to save time on products or shopping, the feeling is positive. Whether this is possible via personalized offers in the online shop or special delivery times and set-up services − there are many possibilities.

What does that mean? The oversupply of advertising experienced daily has drastically increased the reaction threshold. Today a consumer has to be surprised and thrilled in a unique way to draw his attention to advertising and offers through brands. He must be excited to recognize a brand and feel inspired. Only then can an emotional bond with the brand be established Pinch Africa Can Help your brand.

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