Web Design

How to Attract Prospects to your Website

Now that you know who you’re targeting and have a sense of where they are online, it’s time to dish out helpful content and keep your brand top of mind throughout your prospect’s information discovery journey. This content can take the form of blogs, offers, emails, ads, social media marketing, and more. Any way you’re putting your brand out there and asking for information on potential customers, you’re generating leads.

Lead Generation Strategies

Content marketing is planning and publishing content in order to educate, generate leads, and connect with your audience. This includes social media, offers or content pieces like infographics, templates, or guides, blogging, video, and podcasts. Any piece of content that exists online and has your brand on it is valuable for both generating leads and for brand awareness. Try HubSpot’s course on content marketing to learn how to create and repurpose content, and the ins and outs of content marketing strategy.

  • Email marketing

Email marketing is a way to build relationships with prospects, convert leads, and offer value in the form of discounts, newsletters, or information. Use HubSpot’s email marketing certification to become an expert on email marketing strategy and execution.

  • Ads and Retargeting Ads

Social media advertising, search advertising, and retargeting ads are all effective lead generation strategies. With hyper-specific targeting options, the ability to use ads along with organic social media and content marketing efforts, and platforms with active users from any demographic, digital advertisements work for any growing busines

  • Blogging

Having a successful blog is valuable for several teams at your company. You can generate traffic to your website, feature your product, rank on search engines, and open a dialogue with your audience. Blogs are great opportunities to generate leads as well. Learn how to use blogging to generate leads here.

  • Social media marketing

Social media marketing has the largest daily active online user base (2 billion) available and open to new ideas, content, and brands. Try social-only offers, use landing pages specific to the source, use audience targeting using your buyer persona, and test out contests to generate leads.

  • Video marketing

Videos are a super effective form of content marketing that attract 300% more traffic and help to nurture leads. By combining videos with forms, you can both attract and convert traffic all in one place.Bonus: video also helps people better understand your product and brand.

  • Website

Your website is a perfect location to drive leads. Offer opportunities for people to enter their email and join a VIP club or receive your newsletter or discounts. Create a free tool or service, then create a login for each new user, entering them into your ecosystem. Make sure there are ample lead generation forms throughout your website — like Pinch Form’s free, easily customizable lead generation forms — asking for information in exchange for a product demo, industry report, or other offer. Here’s how to optimize your website for lead generation