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Grow Your Business With these 5 Social Media Content

Great content sets your brand apart from your competition. It communicates who you are in a way that attracts people to your doors. To thrive in in the increasing competitive digital era, you must invest in rich and striking social media content.   

It is time to incorporate rich content in your social strategy. In this article, we’ll walk you through the most valuable types of social media content identified by marketers that you can include in your social media content plan. 

1. Video

According to 54% of marketers, video is the most valuable content format for achieving social goals; increased sales, drawing traffic to their website and users’ understanding of their product or service.

Why video works on social:

  • Sparks interest in community engagement
  • Videos are more shareable than any other type of content.
  • Today, Low-lift, creator-style videos makes it easier to create and upload, and adds a level of relatability that viewers appreciate.
  • Video content can be repurposed and spun into other content formats. 

Go-to- social platforms for video content:

Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are the top three go-to-video social media platforms that consumers use to follow brands. 

Instagram gives users options for creating long and short-form videos, which makes it a great arena for testing different video concepts and styles.

2. Images

Images the most frequently posted content type across social networks and rank second after video. 

Unlike most videos, still images can be absorbed and appreciated in an instant giving social users an immediate impression of your brand.

Why images work on social:

I don’t know about you, but I’d be more impressed by a striking picture than read a long article. Many social media users feel that way too. We are looking for the convenience and quick impression that comes with images.

These days, mobile devices are equipped with high-definition cameras and editing tools. That means that you can upload images for your content strategy without enlisting a ton of resources. 

Best social platforms for images:

Instagram and Pinterest are the most popular go-to-platforms for images.

Data from the Sprout Social Index™ found that images make up 87% of Instagram content shared by marketers. 

Majority of Pinterest users are usually looking for inspiration; they go to the platform with an open mind and eyes peeled for visual content that sparks their interest (and future purchases). 



3. Text-based posts

Nearly a third of marketers consider text-based posts as the most valuable type of content.

To stand out in the social space, merge powerfully written content with visual content.

Why text-based posts work on social:

  • Consumers want information on social to learn about new products or services and to stay up to date with trends. Give that to your followers through well-done posts.
  • Written content can be extremely valuable for starting conversations that help you get to know your customers better. When brands demonstrate an understanding of what customers want and need, 43% of consumers would choose that brand over a competitor.

Go-to-social platforms for text-based content:

Reddit is a great platform to engage in Q&As and get conversational with your fans. 

LinkedIn is a powerful place to share insights in your industry and engage with an audience that shares similar interests.

Using plain-text posts on Twitter can also be a good way to drive conversations and increase followers. 

4. Stories

Stories aren’t necessarily going to supercharge brand awareness, but they are golden in driving engagement. About a quarter of marketers consider stories a valuable type of social media content.

Why stories work on social:

  • In the US, 73% of people agree that Stories enable them to experience new things outside their everyday lives.
  • Across platforms, stories get top billing on social network interfaces. 
  • Stories are interactive and timely making them highly engaging for consumers.

Best social platforms for Stories:

LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Slack have implemented a version of Stories, but Instagram Stories outshines. 

5. Live Video

Given the unsettling trends that came with the pandemic, businesses have had to rethink how they engage customers.  And live video has proven useful as a new trend in driving engagement across markets.

Why live video works on social:

  • Live video enables businesses and creators to engage customers in discussions through virtual events. 
  • Live streams gives space for instantaneous question and answer sessions. 
  • Live and simultaneous viewing also gives people a sense of community and togetherness, something people desperately craved during the pandemic.

Go-to-social platforms for live video content:

YouTube and Facebook Live both experienced a boom during the pandemic. 

LinkedIn Live is another streaming solution that brands can use to reach more professional networks. 


Need help navigating social media content?

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