How an Information-Generating Content Approach Generated 600+ Leads and Sign-Ups for KUPA Kenya

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KUPA Kenya is a prominent welfare association dedicated to improving the lives of Kenyan residents, both in urban and rural settings. Despite their impactful work, KUPA Kenya faced challenges in attracting new members and fostering a sense of community among Kenyan residents. They needed a strategic approach to increase their membership and engagement, leveraging USSD, a mobile app, and their website as communication channels.
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Solution: Information-Generating Content Approach

KUPA Kenya partnered with Pinch Africa, a digital marketing agency, to implement an information-generating content approach aimed at attracting members and encouraging engagement. The strategy included the following key components:
Recognizing that many Kenyan residents have basic mobile phones, USSD messaging was used to reach a wider audience. KUPA Kenya provided information on welfare programs, local events, and community news through simple USSD menus.
The KUPA Kenya website was redesigned to be informative and user-friendly. Members could access resources, stay updated on programs, and register online.
Engaging and informative content was created for all communication channels. This included news articles, event listings, and success stories related to KUPA Kenya’s programs.
Online forums, chat groups, and social media platforms were used to foster community engagement and discussion among Kenyan residents.


Over the course of a year, the information-generating content approach led to over 600 sign-ups for KUPA Kenya’s membership, with many new members coming through the mobile app and website.
The community engagement efforts on social media platforms led to increased participation in KUPA Kenya’s programs and discussions.
USSD messaging ensured that even users with basic mobile phones could access information, breaking down communication barriers.
KUPA Kenya’s online community grew substantially, fostering a sense of togetherness among Kenyan residents living in urban and rural areas.
The increased membership and engagement led to a higher success rate for KUPA Kenya’s welfare programs.
By focusing on generating valuable and accessible content through USSD, a mobile app, and an informative website, KUPA Kenya was able to attract new members, encourage engagement, and foster a sense of community among urban and rural Kenyan residents. This case study exemplifies the power of utilizing multiple communication channels to connect with diverse audiences.
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