How a multichannel content strategy drove leads and increased awareness for Ice Clean Care Group.

Ice Clean Care Group, a well-established cleaning and janitorial services company, faced the challenge of increasing brand awareness and generating leads in a highly competitive market. They needed a strategic approach to leverage their online presence and drive potential customers to their services.
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Solution: A Multichannel Content Strategy

Ice Clean Care Group partnered with Pinch Africa, a digital marketing firm, to develop a multichannel content strategy to achieve their goals. The strategy encompassed various components:
The first step was to revamp the client’s website to improve user experience, enhance load times, and optimize for search engines. This included creating landing pages for specific services.
A consistent content calendar was established, producing blog posts, articles, and informative guides related to the cleaning and janitorial industry. Content was tailored to address common customer pain points and questions.
Ice Clean Care Group’s social media presence was strengthened with regular posting and engagement on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Engaging visual content was shared to showcase their services and expertise.
An email campaign was initiated to nurture leads and stay in touch with existing customers. Newsletters, promotions, and service updates were sent to subscribers.
A lead generation campaign was designed, incorporating landing pages, contact forms, and targeted ads to capture potential customers’ details and inquiries.


Over a six-month period, Ice Clean Care Group’s website experienced a 45% increase in traffic.
The lead generation campaigns resulted in a significant increase in high-quality leads, with a 60% growth in inquiries about their cleaning services.
The company’s social media following grew by 35%, contributing to a stronger brand presence and recognition in their target market.
With an influx of interested leads, Ice Clean Care Group reported a 30% boost in their sales conversion rates.
The return on investment for the campaign exceeded 250% within the first year.
The case study showcases the impact of a well-executed multichannel content strategy in increasing brand awareness and generating leads for Ice Clean Care Group in a competitive industry. By optimizing their digital presence, leveraging content, and engaging with their audience on multiple platforms, the company achieved significant results.

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