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3 Ways to Transform the workplace in the Pandemic; Pinch Lifestyle

The workplace is a significant part of any working adult’s life. Why? Because it’s what occupies our minds 80% of the time.  Now, more than ever, we all need to consider best ways to navigate the workplace in the pandemic.

The pandemic has brought with it a wave of uncertainty; whether you’ll still have that job when you wake up tomorrow. And worse, whether the company you work for is muscled up enough to keep operating through the harsh realities of the pandemic. 

worrying over the validity of your role, research shows, is a bigger problem to the office worker than a nagging boss or limiting environment. Because while you would formerly sweep the feeling of uneasiness under the carpet just to get your pay at the end of the month, you are now confronted with the big question of whether you are needed in that office anymore. 

Companies, especially startups and Small Micro Enterprises (SMEs)  that had weak structures have been thrown out of business. Many others are struggling to hang in there. Pinch Africa is in this category of highly affected group of companies. But we have found a way to brace the harsh realities of the pandemic by remaining true to ourselves.

Here’s a bit of our story;

We are a team of young innovative minds out to help organizations  create a footprint in the digital space with remarkable strategies and stories. 

With collective experience in the areas of web development, social media marketing, communications and business development, we help our clients maximize the use of social media for business growth. 

Are we experts? There’s a temptation to answer yes. Yet our success so far has been driven by the fact that, even though every member of our team is qualified in their field, there is so much to learn; and that  whatever is out here demanding our help can only be solved if we throw ourselves into the deep end of continual learning. 

And so everyday, we ask ourselves; what is there to learn today about the market? And about our clients? With this mind, we approach clients with an honest intention of wanting to walk the journey with them.

We don’t promise heaven or magic formulas, our promise is authenticity and sheer dedication to the projects that matter to our clients. When we pick on a client’s task, working hours are frozen. We do not stop until the work is done, and done to perfection.

But how comes we are able to do all these, even in such uncertain times. And when we know we are , what one would call, ‘Small fish in a big pond’?

We care for the emotional wellbeing of every team member.

Our morning meetings, which happen twice weekly, begin with a session of emotional audit. We sit around the table and each person expresses how they are feeling and the things that are happening in their lives.

Why this is key in the overall performance  of the team, is because our emotions and mental state play a large part in the quality of work we produce. 

There is also a safety in knowing that no matter how bad your situation is,  you have a family around you. And that your colleagues are not merely co-workers but family. 

We bring our whole selves to the office. 

While this might sound a bit crazy, our workplace is a space where every individual is free to be themselves. In all ways, we encourage that spirit of uniqueness  that we each possess to be showcased in our daily tasks. 

This creates an atmosphere where everyone is at ease being who they really are at the office and out of office. We realise that there is greater productivity when each person is able to reason and operate as they truly are. 

One person’s problem is Everyone’s 

Because we deal with a variety of clients from all sectors of the economy, there is always a new challenge to tackle. Especially because we work with a variety of clients across different sectors,  no new project is ever similar to the previous. 

This means that there is a lot to deal with ranging from the scope of the project to the attitude of the clients. And as you  imagine, this can be quite stressful. 

We have found it helpful to share the progress of each project communally and brainstorm solutions together. This way, projects move faster, and there is a wide pool of ideas to bank on in developing solutions for our clients.

Things might likely never go back to what it was like pre-COVID and to thrive and make business, companies must embrace a new culture around the workplace for their staff.

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